The Team

We are deeply concerned about life in old age. Social isolation, loneliness and ultimately depression is becoming increasingly an issue in our society. Finding a purpose in one’s later years, after leaving the active workforce, is essential.

According to the Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, meaningfulness is crucial, and it is up to us to shape our future by giving our lives meaning, no matter at which point in life we are. This is often lost in the hustle and bustle of building a professional career, starting a family or building a home.

Why not grab the opportunity to finally do what you always wanted to do, live as you always wanted to, even if it is in the third phase of life?

We bring like-minded people together, a community joining forces to realize a project together that they couldn’t carry out on their own, either economically or in terms of labor.

Coliarte | Boris Prodanovic
Coliarte | Wiebke Küster