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Start a new life

New Perspectives

Pura Vida with friends

Time for the essential

Free and independent

In the heart of nature

Start a new life

A dream come true

We packed our bags and left Germany in search of a perfect place. On our journey halfway around the world, we have gained a myriad of valuable insights.

The most important takeaway? Your dream destination can be as breathtaking and beautiful as you want it to be. It will remain a dream if you are not surrounded by the right people.

We are your trusted partner

Coliarte is project developer and matchmaker at the same time. As developer, we support you in finding your dream home in the perfect location. As matchmaker, we make sure that neighborhoods become communities.

Our innovative co-working and co-living project is based on the understanding that each of us is an individual within a community. Everyone needs as much personal space as the opportunity to spend time with friends.

We manage our projects holistically and throughout their entire life cycle. From consulting, concept, real estate scouting to implementation and beyond.

The Art of Co-Living

Why choose to emigrate?

For some, it is wanderlust, curiosity, and the desire to get to know other countries and ways of life.  To get new impulses and impressions – simply to broaden their horizons. For others, it is the lack of perspective that causes them to pull up stakes in their home country.

Whatever the reasons, the word „emigration“ is emotionally charged. For many, it means something absolute and irreversible. Not for us. Because the entire life is a journey.

We will take you on this journey and introduce you to different countries, places, and projects. Whether in an urban environment or in nature. Whether as an investment object or as a retreat for you, your family, or your friends.

Let us inspire you.