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Moving to Costa Rica

Pura Vida with friends

Time for the essential

Free and independent

In the heart of nature

Moving to Costa Rica

A dream come true

We packed our bags and left Germany in search of a perfect place. On our journey halfway around the world, we have gained a myriad of valuable insights.

The most important takeaway? Your dream destination can be as breathtaking and beautiful as you want it to be. It will remain a dream if you are not surrounded by the right people.

We are your trusted partner

Coliarte is project developer and matchmaker at the same time. As developer, we support you in finding your dream home in the perfect location. As matchmaker, we make sure that neighborhoods become communities.

Our innovative co-working and co-living project is based on the understanding that each of us is an individual within a community. Everyone needs as much personal space as the opportunity to spend time with friends. We reject ideological constraints of any kind.

We manage our projects holistically and throughout their entire life cycle. From consulting, concept, real estate scouting to implementation and beyond.

In the heart of nature

Living with nature is a luxury that city life cannot offer. Costa Rica affords this luxury in abundance.

Time for the essential

Costa Rica is more than a country. It is a way of life. Open and welcoming, the relaxed lifestyle here is contagious. “Pura Vida” (“pure life”) is the traditional greeting of Costa Ricans. It is no coincidence that this natural paradise on the threshold between North and South America is right at the top of the Happy Planet ranking.

Green, greener, Costa Rica

We invite you to leave the gray everyday life and the gloomy weather in Germany behind. Homeoffice works just as well in the countryside surrounded by nature. Costa Rica has more than enough nature to offer!

It is much more than overwhelmingly beautiful landscapes, dreamlike beaches, and a pleasant climate that make Costa Rica attractive as an emigration country.

The “Switzerland of Central America” scores with its high standard of living, excellent medical care, and low cost of living. Immigration hurdles and tax burdens are comparatively low. All this makes Costa Rica a highly interesting destination not only for immigrants but also for investors.