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The Art of Co-Living

living with nature

with our fourlegged friends

time for the essential

giving life a new meaning

enjoy an active lifestyle

alone in a shoe box or together in nature?

We are living in times of major upheaval.

Our understanding of society and community has been shaken to its foundations. The concept of freedom as we took for granted must be redefined. Liberty means responsibility. Responsibility for yourself and for the community.

We need a fundamental change in our thinking as well as innovative life concepts that reflect the challenges of our society. In times where isolation and solitude are a wide-spread concern, community has become more important than ever. Social distancing should never become social isolation.

The Art of Co-Living

Coliarte brings people with similar dreams, wishes and ideas together to form a co-living community. We offer you the unique experience to share a property, experience and common interests with like-minded people in the most beautiful corners of this planet.

Whether it is a winery in Tuscany, a horse ranch in Andalusia or a medieval castle in the Périgord: we match you with the right people and the right project. Coliarte helps you to find purpose in life and to grow from nature and the people you surround yourself with.

Let us inspire you and accompany you on your path to a purposeful, fulfilled life.

Coliarte – The Art of Co-Living.