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Coliarte | Boris Prodanovic

“It is my dream to share one day life with my best friends on an idyllic farm in the mountains growing old together in a secure community!”

I have been carrying this idea with me for some time now. And the longer I stay in big cities, the more I have to put up with the noise, the hustle and bustle, and the more I experience the environmental impact – the stronger it grows. Just as much as I love the city with all its cultural opportunities and its possibilities for exciting encounters, I do miss nature.

Besides that, I am concerned about aging and the sunset years in general. Loneliness at the retirement age and, as a result, depression become increasingly a problem in our society. There is the search for the meaning of life when entering the third phase of life after retiring from the workforce.

According to Victor Frankl, everyone can give their lives a meaning through the realization of values. Or passions. During the life phase in which we might have started a family, perhaps built a house, or were simply busy with our daily work, the search for the meaning of life often was not a priority.

Why don’t we take the longing for self-realization in our hands now and make our dreams come true? Even if it is in the last phase of our lives.

People come together and form a community to pull off a project that otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to realize on their own, whether for financial or other practical reasons.

Be it horse farm in Andalusia, a vineyard in Tuscany, a sailing school in the South of France or just a farm in the Berchtesgadener Land: everybody contributes according to their abilities and possibilities. Coming together as a successful project, working and living community. Together with friends.

I am looking forward to getting in touch with you. As a partner, prospective or just for an inspiring exchange of ideas. I believe that the future holds a lot of options for innovative life and project communities for us.

Boris Prodanovic