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Tradition meets modern

Life is a fiesta

Spain’s diverse landscapes stir the soul. Whether you are hiking the picturesque hillsides, strolling the narrow alleys of Andalusia’s white villages or relaxing body and soul on the Mediterranean beach – each of the Spanish regions has something special to offer.

Fascinating culture and a vibrant life, that’s Spain too. The land of tradition and modernity surprises. Architecture by Gaudí, the art of Dalí, the Moorish heritage of Andalusia, sports, and the wild fiestas with their extravagant nightlife. Life is a fiesta and you are invited.

Relationships are important

The Spanish way of life has its own special charm. When moving to Spain, you should be ready to adjust to a different rhythm of life. Everything is a little more leisurely here. The famous siesta is one of the most notable aspects of Spanish life. The Spanish have an inner calmness, and nothing can put them under time pressure. They are sociable, lively, and usually just a bit louder. Friendship, interpersonal relationships, and family are important to them.

The one thing you can solidly rely on here is the weather. The South of Spain has more than 300 days of sunshine a year and is by far one of the sunniest destinations in Europe. Just one of the many reasons why Spain is the most popular country for a secondary residence.

Coliarte’s project activity in Spain focusses on the Balearic Islands, Barcelona, and Andalusia.