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We open new horizons

Share lives and laughs

A meeting with friends over a delicious dinner. The conversation moves to future living plans and ends with: “let’s all move into a big house, have fun and share lives and laughs”.  

This is how the idea for Coliarte was born. 

Coliarte is for individuals who value community. In times where isolation and solitude are a wide-spread concern, we offer you the unique opportunity to share property, experience, and common interests with like-minded people. Our innovative co-living concept helps you to find purpose in life and to grow from the nature and the company you surround yourself with.

Co-living is the creative alternative if you want to live independently without losing autonomy while enjoying the camaraderie and support of friends looking after each other. We match you with the right partners and a property in a highly desirable location. Coliarte estates feature a complementary mix of individual and common space and are run by their residents.

Bringing people together

Our concept has been contrived in close collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of psychologists, sociologists, architects and real estate experts. We see ourselves as facilitators and enablers, bringing people together, scouting and developing real estate, spearheading negotiations, and overseeing all project management requirements.

Coliarte – because co-living is an art.