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La Dolce Vita

Arts and culture

Living in Italy, epicenter of the Roman Empire and birthplace of the Renaissance, feels like living in an open-air museum of epic proportions. Wherever you are, you will find cultural sites, monuments and all kinds of evidence from the early days of our western civilization only a stone’s throw away. Italy and the Italians have significantly shaped our culture, be it the arts, architecture, fashion, design and one of the greatest expressions of culture: food.

Italian Cuisine

The Mediterranean diet is rich in olive oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish and its health benefits for the brain and body are linked to longevity.

Whether it is enjoying delicious pasta and wine in company of friends under the Tuscan sun, or sipping on a cappuccino, watching the world go by in the piazza, Italy’s laid-back lifestyle is infectious.

Beautiful countryside

But there is more than food, fashion and fine arts that make this country so special. Above all it is the sheer beauty of nature. Between the Alps in the North and the volcanos in the South, between sandy beaches along the Adriatic Sea in the East and cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in the West, Italy offers a wide range of landscapes.

The beautiful and diverse countryside, the pleasant climate with lots of sunshine, the rich cultural heritage, the good infrastructure and the friendly people, make Italy one of the most desirable places to live in.