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Horseback Happiness

Being one with nature

Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, riding horses along scenic trails, passing fields and meadows, being one with nature. Imagine living on a finca with horses in the middle of vineyards and with stunning panoramic views of the mountains in the distance.

Barbecues, excursions, regular horse-riding events and of course working together in the stable, learning every day something new from the horses and how to handle them. All this strengthens the unity and the sense of community of active riders on the farm.

Close collaboration

Before the project of an equestrian farm, with all the aspects of living and working as a community, can be realized, there is a complex process to master. Coliarte brings together a relevant group of people and develops the concept, including the establishment of a financing plan. The selection and acquisition of a suitable object as well as the realization of the project will be done in close collaboration with all participants and respective professionals.