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Embarking on a new chapter

It takes an entire community and a strong partner to turn a large project into reality.

Coliarte realizes its projects in the most stunning and desirable places. The location and the beauty of the surroundings build the framework for the fulfillment of your lifetime dream.

Whether it is the mountains, the seaside or in the city. Whether it’s a Finca in Spain, a mill in Southern France, an alpine pasture in Austria or a winery in Tuscany. It all depends on your desire and your plans.

Coliarte gives you access to new concepts for life and living. There are no limits to your creativity and innovation. We support you in giving your life a new quality and fulfillment.

Pura Vida!

Sunrise in the Caribbean and sunset on the Pacific – on the same day. Where else can you experience this if not in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica

New Perspectives

10,000 kilometers of coastline. Heavenly beaches. And in between a lot of joie de vivre. That’s Mexico! More and more people are drawn to Mexico. To stay. The climate is pleasant, no lack of sunshine, the people are cheerful and welcoming.


Savoir Vivre!

Even though French gourmet cuisine is arguably one of the best in the world, it is the simple things that make life in France unique. Baguette, cheese and a glass of red wine, and all this in the middle of a wonderful landscape…


La Dolce Vita

Whether it is enjoying delicious pasta and wine in company of friends under the Tuscan sun, or sipping on a cappuccino, watching the world go by in the piazza, Italy’s laid-back lifestyle is infectious…


"Servus" from the heart of Europe

Majestic mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes and lush alpine pastures as if they are straight out of a picture book: the idyllic Austrian landscape is simply magical. Austria’s feel-good environment offers clean air, soothing sunlight, green forests and lush meadows…


Tradition meets modern

Spain’s diverse landscapes stir the soul. Whether you are hiking the picturesque hillsides, strolling the narrow alleys of Andalusia’s white villages or relaxing body and soul on the Mediterranean beach – each of the Spanish regions has something special to offer…